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We take the complexity out of the technology and make it simple for you to get the information you need whenever and wherever.

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Micro Technic is the story about a company with a passion of making digital communication possible and give the knowledge to make sustainable choices for a better world.

Electronics is in our DNA and for more than 40 years we have been working every angle of IoT – even before the term IoT was known.

Our purpose is to retrieve your data from any sensor in a simple and smarter way and give you the power to take a stand on our way to a sustainable world. We have the foundation and tailor the rest to make your product unique.

5 facts about us

  1. We are a family company founded in 1977.
  2. We are experts in design-for-manufacturing within industrial electronics.
  3. Our IoT solution, Skylark, is named after one of the few birds, who can fly and sing at the same time.
  4. We are around 64 employees.
  5. We are both ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to create a more sustainable world
through smarter data collection solutions.

Our mission is to make data collection simple –
with smarter and simple IoT solutions.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to create a more sustainable world through smarter data collection solutions.

Our mission is to make data collection simple – with smarter and simple IoT solutions.

Corporate value propositions

Sustainable Impact

At Micro Technic, we are focused on solving the world’s most urgent environmental and social challenges using smart IoT technology. We are proud to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals with solutions that maximize sustainable impact.

Innovative Collaboration

We are not just a supplier – we are an innovation and production partner, focused on mutual beneficial cooperation and results, maximizing the value of all parties. When we work together, we can collaboratively find the best solutions in the entire value chain, to maximize the value of the end customers.

Customized IoT

We focus on making IoT as simple and tangible as possible – for both our customers and end-users. We work with our customers every step of the way to ensure they get smart and easy-to-use IoT solutions that integrate seamlessly in their existing systems.


The daily choices we take have an impact on people, business and the world. With knowledge we get the power to make choices for a sustainable world. Micro Technic devotes our energy in to developing IoT technology for a better world.

About SDG

We strive to do our best every day. Our values are an important part of our DNA.

We are curious

We are curious and innovative on solutions to every challenge. We ask questions to create an overview and understanding. We recognise that we live in a dynamic world that places great demands on our solution of the challenges we face.

We are helpful

We work as a team by helping and caring for each other. We seek to understand each other by talking to each other and not about each other. We listen and respect the opinions of others. We seek to lift as a team.

We take responsibility

We take personal responsibility and never give up. We are honest, we promise no more than we can keep, we base our decisions on facts and we are critical when processing information. We will deliver on time in the agreed quality and communicate relevant information in the cooperation. We want to clearly communicate why things are important, focusing on details. We are decent and carry out our tasks with care.

We are solution-oriented

All our customers are unique and will therefore be handled uniquely. This places great demands on our attitude and adaptability. All problems have a solution. We never say no, we always have a flexible and alternative solution. By being open and solution-oriented, together we produce innovative solutions.

Micro Technic,a company full of history

IoT produkter Internet of Things Skylark
Skylark rises

In 2021 the next generation of datalogger
see the day of light. The Skylark series rises.

ISO14001:2015 certificate in 2020
ISO14001 certification

In 2020 Micro Technic implemented the
ISO14001 standard for environmental
management system.

Frank Max Laursen, new CEO in 2017
Next generation takes over

On January 1st 2017 the founder, Finn Max Laursen,
steps back and his son, Frank Max Laursen
takes over the role as CEO of Micro Technic.
Finn Max Laursen became Chairman of the Board afterwards.


Micro Technic is fully financed by the owners of the company and since 2015 we have had a AAA-rating.

Our ISO9001 certificate from 2014
Micro Technic receives it first ISO9001 certification

In May 2014 Micro Technic implemented the
ISO9001 standard for quality management

The ISO9001 certification covered both our production and development processes.

Micro Technic needs more space

In 2013 business is going well and in
2013 we expand with 1300 m² additionally and in
2014 we expand with addition 500 m². We have now 4000 m² under roof in Aarup, Denmark

Nanobird is launched

Data logging is getting more and more
popular and Micro Technic launches
the Nanobird in 2012.

Micro Technic moves to Aarup

In 2003 Micro Technic moves from
800 m2 in Odense to 2200 m2 in Aarup.

PC-based Datalogger with Linux OS and GSM/GPRS modem
Blackbird is launched

In 2002 we launched yet another data logger “Blackbird”. This was the seconded generation of our PC-based data loggers.

PC-based Datalogger with Linux OS and GSM/GPRS modem
The Eagle has landed

In 2000 we develop the successor of the data logger from 1997. The "Eagle RTU" data logger was our first PC-based datalogger with Linux OS.

Our RTU datalogger, compact datalogger with telemetri support
First data logger on the market

In 1997 Micro Technic won the first large project for our data logger. It was ordered for "railway level crossing”-application in Australia. In 1998 the data logger was installed in more than 400 sites across South Western Australia.

Next generation joins the company

In 1993 Frank Max Laursen, the son of
Finn Max Laursen joins the company.

First Micro Technic product

In 1987 Micro Technic developed
the first product of their own. The
“Induterm 100” was the first industrial-PC
with an intel processor in an IP65 cabinet.

Micro Technic is founded

Micro Technic was founded by Finn Max Laursen. The main activity was designing automation solutions for the Danish manufacturing industry. After a few months, his brother, Lasse Max Laursen, joined the company in a financial position.

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