What does it meanto be our partner?

Being our partner means a corporation build on respect, knowledge sharing, innovation, and a shared vision of creating IoT solution for a sustainable world.

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We believe that partnerships are made to take us all to a new level of innovation

We want to focus on partnerships since we believe that we are stronger together. By being partners we all have an interest and a responsibility of bringing value into our common business.

Frank Max Laursen
CEO Micro Technic

Some of our existing partners

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We believe that innovation through partnership creates the best ideas. We want to grow our IoT business together, so join us today!

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We invest in partnerships

We help and support our partners

A partnership should strengthen both our businesses and we invest time and support as a natural and essential part of the co-operation. Together with you as our partner, we can generate new ideas and business models and ultimately create unique and sustainable IoT solutions.

We are looking forward to initiate a partnership with your company. Please reach out to us and let us see where a partnership can take our businesses.

The value we bring into ourpartnerships


A partnership is for Micro Technic not just a corporation, but an investment in the development of future IoT solutions for a better world. We are committed to build strong and powerful partnerships.


We want to be your innovative partner, where sharing ideas, knowledge and technology will generate new and remarkable IoT solutions to help solve our customers pains.


Together we want to bring our ideas to life! We want to act and transform our ideas to effective IoT solutions that empowers our customers to make sustainable choices.

Can you see us as partners?

We are always looking for new partners who share the same vision of creating IoT solutions for a sustainable world. Together we can create more awareness of the value of IoT technology.

We would love to hear from you and together strengthen our global business.

Become partnerBecome partner

Testimonials from our partners

A partnership is a two-way street. A good collaboration with our partners contributes to innovative and sustainable solutions using IoT technology.

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