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Increasing traffic is not only a challenge to the infrastructure of our cities, but also to our health and the economy. By using IoT to convert to smart cities we can help manage traffic and streamline the mobility of our cities.

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Urbanization causetraffic complexity

The increasing urbanization put cities under pressure since the infrastructure needs to handle the ever-increasing number of pedestrians, cyclists and cars on the roads. Unabling to handle this expansion, could have a negative impact on travelers getting safely to their destinations.

The complexity of the traffic causes ineffectiveness where the results is loss of productivity and increase in stress for travelers who spend unnecessary time on transportation.

Knowing when, where and how traffic is moving is a crucial step for the cities to get smarter and manage traffic in a more safe and efficient way.

Sustainable Development Goals

We want our IoT traffic solutions to make a difference to the challenges of traffic and modern mobility. To ensure this we work on realizing Sustainable Development Goal 9.

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Smarter traffic with IoT

Micro Technic wants to make a difference by making cities smarter and more sustainable and reduce the number of deaths from road accidents.

With our Skylark IoT solutions we make it possible to collect critical data by monitoring traffic patterns and give you insights to find smarter ways to manage and improve the infrastructure and traffic.

We are engaged in the traffic area, since traffic management with insights from our IoT solutions could make the journey for travelers safe and carefree.

Our focus on multipurpose allows our IoT datalogger to measure and monitor many challenges at once, which is useful with complexity of traffic.

We transform your ideas to IoT solutions customized to fit your needs.

Our standard IoT Solution Skylark may not solve your challenges.

We want to be your innovative partner. The Engineering Campfire is a creative IoT workshop where our talented engineers help transform your vision and great ideas to IoT solutions that improve and adds value to your business.

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  • Cautus Geo - Cautus Geo ensures peoples safety with early warning systems in unstable land areas. We collaborated on an IoT monitoring solutions for avalanches and landslides.
  • Project Automation - Project Automation monitor weather conditions in order to prevent damages from floods and landslides. We collaborated on an IoT  solution that ensures alerts and secure citizens against flooding.
  • Swarco Technologies - Swarco Technologies works with traffic management solutions for a better quality of life in our cities and communities. We collaborated on an IoT monitoring solution for traffic in Amsterdam.

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