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Danish Care Technology

Danish Care Technology has developed one of Europe’s most widely used epilepsy alarm systems. Micro Technic manufactures their Epi-Care 3000, and we are a part of providing safety during sleep for epilepsy patients and their relatives.

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Safety throughwelfare technology

Produktion chef, produktionsoptimering, leder, Søren Halding Madsen

It is important that the quality is in order when we produce welfare technology; our work and production approach should be able to create a sense of security for our customers, the patients, and their relatives.”

Søren M. Halding
Production Manager, Micro Technic

The background

Epilepsy can create concern and anxiety for both the person with epilepsy and their relatives. Complications, such as injuries sustained during seizures, blows to the head or teeth, and tongue biting, can exacerbate these concerns. Prolonged seizures can also lead to potential brain damage.

Therefore, having a reliable monitoring system for epilepsy patients is crucial so that they can receive the necessary emergency assistance.

bevidstløs pige
Happy children carefree

The need

Danish Care Technology saw a need to create security for both epilepsy patients and their relatives. The goal was to implement secure and effective alarm systems that would not be disruptive to the patients’ everyday lives. The objective was to deliver a solution that could monitor and respond to epileptic seizures and provide relatives with insurance for their family member’s well-being.

Micro Technic are yourcompetent all-in-one-solution

Micro Technic er din kompetente alt-i-en løsning

The solution

Danish Care Technology saw a potential solution in Micro Technic, as we could become their all-in-one stop.

We could assist them with both software and hardware in the development phase of a new alarm system. Our expertise does not only entail prototype design and testing but also production and box-building.

This holistic approach ensured that we could be a central partner throughout the entire process, from the idea phase to the final product realization.

Epi-care 3000 DCT Epilepsi

The result

Together, we achieved the result, Epi-Care 3000, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for epilepsy patients and their relatives. Using a sensor attached to the mattress, it detects seizures, convulsions, or similar movements and alerts caregivers.

Epi-Care 3000 is designed for both adults and children, providing a reliable and straightforward solution that brings peace of mind to both patients and their closest relatives.

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