We care about the world and are dedicated for developing IoT solutions that can make customers act on the challenges the world is facing. Making the world sustainable through IoT is our goal.

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Sustainable choices with IoT

In a world of limited resources, sustainable manufacturing safeguards against inefficiency and waste. Utilizing our IoT technology, you can monitor your production process, identify areas for improvement, and enhance overall equipment effectiveness.

Our IoT technology not only empowers you to optimize operations but also contributes to creating a safer planet. By providing timely knowledge and an early warning system for environmental changes, we aim to protect lives and foster a sustainable future.

As cities expand, the strain on infrastructure grows. Our IoT technology empowers cities to understand the dynamics of people’s movement—when, where, and how. This insight enables the creation of smarter cities with adaptive traffic solutions for enhanced safety and mobility.

Our goal is for IoT solutions to address global challenges and contribute to building a more sustainable world.”

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As CEO of Micro Technic, I insist that we must take our role in bringing the carbon footprint to a minimum by creating technology that helps all parts of the value chain to comply with this goal.

Frank Max Laursen
CEO Micro Technic

7. Affordable and clean energy

Sustainable Development Goal 7 is about ensuring affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. The keywords for Micro Technic within this goal are green efficiency and low-power IoT solutions.

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9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Sustainable Development Goal 9 is about fostering innovation, building resilient infrastructure and promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization. The keywords for Micro Technic within this goal are retrofitting and predictive maintenance with IoT.

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12. Responsible consumption and production

Sustainable Development Goal 12 is about ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. The keywords for Micro Technic within this goal are encouragement and knowledge which gives power to act.

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How can we help you make sustainable choices?

Unlocking sustainability in your business begins with insight. We’re dedicated to simplifying data collection and transforming information into valuable knowledge. Empowering you to make a real difference.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Micro Technic, we want to work with the highest standards in terms of integrity, honesty and good behavior. Therefore, we conduct our business within all applicable laws and regulations in the countries we operate in.

We want to run our business in a fair and transparent way, and do not accept fraud and deception. Being polite and cooperative at work is important to us in our efforts to create an appropriate working environment and maintain a high professional level.

We treat all colleagues and business partners with respect, dignity, justice and courtesy. We encourage all employees to strike a work-life balance and want to give all employees the same opportunities and maintain a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.

We treat our suppliers and other third-party business partners, including distributors and consultants, with respect, and we want to conduct our contract and procurement procedures fairly and transparently.

Always in for a good cause

Micro Technic wants to support causes that resonate with our values, and we believe it is important to support both local, national and global. By giving our support, it gives us a deeper sense of satisfaction – both personally and for our business.

We support

We support World Wildlife Fund in their mission to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.

We support the development in the world’s most vulnerable countries by ensuring better conditions for the children and young people who grow up there. At the moment we support 3 children in Africa.

We support the Danish para-athletes in their preparations for the upcoming Paralympic Games in Paris 2024

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