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Skylark LIVE

The Skylark LIVE device management system ensures that you can sleep soundly while the system monitors the health of the IoT devices.

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Stay connected toyour IoT solution

Skylark LIVE is our IoT platform that helps you connect to your IoT devices, making it easier to maintain optimal performance across your devices with effective remote assistance and optimization possibilities.

Skylark LIVE keeps your IoT devices up to date with the latest firmware, security updates and monitors the status of connectivity, battery levels and other health data. Remote assistance of your IoT devices makes it easier to identify where to usefully use resources, creating the most value for your business and customers.

Setup and connecting your IoT devices is simple. You scan the IoT device with your cell phone and connect your IoT devices to the Skylark LIVE platform with an app. Easy and simple.

We ensure safe and secure transportation of all your data safely to a destination of your choice. All data is owned by you.

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Here you can download technical specifications and other relevant information regarding Skylark LIVE.

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Features & Functions

The Device Management module allows you to monitor all health data of your IoT devices.

  • Update Firmware
  • Implement security patches
  • Change Configuration
  • View Device Messages and status
  • Update Applications and Flows
  • Activate Wireguard VPN

Most importantly, you can do all this remotely and without any worries.

The API modules allow you to integrate API services from third-party suppliers and various Cloud providers.
We have prepared integration with the following:

  • Onomondo (Celluar E-SIM provider, worldwide)
  • Cibicom (5G 450MHz network and LoRaWan)
  • Things Network (LoRaWAN)
  • Cloud or customer application (Azzure, AWS, etc.)

We can add new APIs if needed, please contact us for your specific requirements or list of supported APIs.

This module allows you to setup notifications if the connection to the IoT device is lost.
It can also send specific health data by mail or mobile text message, like low battery, critical thresholds values, etc.
The module gives you an unique way of being prepared before customer starts complaining on lack of coverage or similar.

In this module you can easily configure accounts (customers) and roles of specific users with rights and properties for accessing the IoT device or solutions. This module is ideal for machine builders and OEMs, which are integrating IoT devices in the products or applications.

The Order & Billing module allows you to customize the way you want to bill your customers, add subscription for applications or just change data package of you specific IoT devices. This includes:

  • Order new devices
  • Monthly or yearly subscriptions
  • Invoice or credit card payment setup
  • Update Applications and Flows
  • Flat rate (service) and usage (cellular traffic)

All Skylark IoT devices are connected to the Skylark LIVE platform thru our mobile APP which scans an radio IC on the IoT devices. The device then connects to our IoT platform thru a MQTT authentication, thus the claiming of devices is a two-way process making it secure and un-hackable.

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  • Cautus Geo - Cautus Geo ensures peoples safety with early warning systems in unstable land areas. We collaborated on an IoT monitoring solutions for avalanches and landslides.
  • Project Automation - Project Automation monitor weather conditions in order to prevent damages from floods and landslides. We collaborated on an IoT  solution that ensures alerts and secure citizens against flooding.
  • Swarco Technologies - Swarco Technologies works with traffic management solutions for a better quality of life in our cities and communities. We collaborated on an IoT monitoring solution for traffic in Amsterdam.

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