Meet Our Box-Build Experts: Passion and Precision

Our Box-Build department is comprised of skilled and passionate individuals who are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Today, we’re introducing our three team members:
Malina Skade, Box-Build Production Assistant:
The newest addition to our team, Malina, enjoys the challenge of complex assemblies and takes pride in contributing to products that make a real difference, like KuboRobots and Danish Technology Care. She’s eager to expand her knowledge and skills through upcoming training.
“In Box-Build, I find a unique blend of focus and creativity. Sometimes, instructions can be complex, requiring a bit of problem-solving to make all the parts fit perfectly. It’s like a puzzle you put together piece by piece, and seeing the final assembled product, knowing I played a part in creating something that someone will use, that’s incredibly rewarding.” Malina points out.
Emil Sørensen, Box-Build Production Assistant:
Emil emphasises the importance of precision and attention to detail in Box-Build assembly. He takes ownership of his work and values the collaborative environment across the different departments, where expertise is shared and problems are tackled together.
“Precision and attention to detail are absolutely crucial in Box-Build. Every component needs to be assembled according to the specifications and if a problem occurs we are able to solve the problem together with PTA” says Emil.
René K. Nielsen, Box-Build Production Assistant:
René highlights the value our box-build department brings to our customers, providing them with a comprehensive solution from component procurement to final assembly.
René shares: “Box-Build allows us to be a one-stop shop for our customers. They can focus on their core business, while we handle everything from sourcing parts to final assembly”.

Our Box-Build team is committed to exceeding customer expectations and delivering products that meet the highest standards.

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